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Sarah T. (Instagram-@Hazylittlecherry)

I am inlove with all the products I have ordered from stonedxessentials, I ordered the blue gold stone joint/blunt holder, blue quartz dabber, and the beryl blue, amethyst, and Turquoise bong jewlery. My initial order was put through on February 18th, confirmation of my tracking number was provided February 21st, and I received my package within 2 weeks of it being shipped. Needs to say the shipping was fast and handled in a very professional manner by the shop owner. The items themselves are wonderfully made, I could not find a single loose wire or piece of elastic (from the bong jewelry). The stones used are authentic and beautifully taken care of.

Misty D. (Instagram-@Bluntbaddie_)

I’m so in love with my crystal dabber. Each creation of hers is a magical piece of art. I also purchased some of her bong jewelry and it was super cute an very Kawaii glam. I highly recommend this shop and following them aswell on instagram. They have many awesome pieces and giveaways.

Bert C. (Instagram-@Stoners_of_maine)

My experience with stoned essentials was amazing! She worked with me and my girlfriend very fast and we enjoy her dabbers very much! They are beautiful and we use them on the daily! Highly recommended!

Malyssa W. (Instagram-@Dabalcoholics_710)

Let me just start off saying that I love my Keychain Dabber that I ordered. But ordering from Stoned Essentials was so easy. It was even more amazing in person. I love every detail of it. And when I ordered I was given some free goodies. The Bong Jewlery is just beautiful. I cant wait to grow my collection.

Jessica J. (Instagram-@Jessielovesweed)

Stoned Essentials is a unique, one of a kind shop. They have the best customer service. If you can't find what your looking for, you can have a custom made and a dream come true.

Kayla P. (Instagram-@Spacekaked)

I am completely in love with my dabber and an so wanting a new one! That fact that it's custom too, makes it that much more special. This lovely lady is such a pleasure to work with and can do almost anything you want! Mine was so gorgeous I almsot didn't want to use it!

Sarah C. (Instagram-@Mainestonerchic)

There is a lot of love within this company, between the representatives and the owner and everyone who joins the family, as well as all the love put into each individual crystal/stone creation that is made. I have received two crystal dabbers, two joint holders and two necklaces and they are all amazing and made very well, my favorites of the collection for sure. She is incredible at what she does and all the work that she puts into the company. I am extremely happy to have met her and joined this beautiful family!

Kourtney D. (Instagram-@Bitter_angel420)

I purchased a custom quartz dabber from Stoned Essentials and it is absolutely beautiful. It turned out exactly the way I wanted it and was obviously made with love and care. She puts a lot of time and effort into her work and it’s not just thrown together. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for custom pieces or even pre made pieces.

Emilia A. (Instagram-@Hustling_dab_queen_710)

My experience with stoned essentials was amazing, you took you’re time with me. I am obsessed with the dabber you gave me I use it everyday. The bong jewelry is so very beautiful and matches my new bear rig. 100% recommended to everyone!

Trina M. (Instagram-@Stonerzombae)

I absolutely love my new dabber wand. The customer service was absolutely Phenomenal and shipping was in a timely manner. The product it self was beautiful and well done, in my package was a pendent which was a gift and some stones and crystals. All amazing. Stoned essentials is definitely my new go to for my smoking essentials.

Ashton A. (Instagram-@Saltyhippieprincess)

I followed stoned essentials for a few months before my first purchase and was in love from the first picture I saw.  My first order was simple and I got communication the whole time it was being processed. My quartz dabber and my joint/blunt holder, are always a crowd pleaser and are both so beautiful. Can’t wait to make my next purchase.

Morgan B. (Instagram-@Morganja___)

Absolutely love my dabbers! Make sure you keep them nice and clean to keep them sparkling up your sesh for longer, otherwise the crystal will get messy. All the products work well as gifts for anyone with a passion for cannabis!

Keisha Y. (Instagram-@Kittykattleaf)

I don't use the joint/blunt holder I got enough, but when I do I feel like the fanciest stoner out there. It's literally perfect, beautiful detail and the length is ideal. I can't wait to keep using this smoke accessory.

Rhiannon R. (Instagram-@Hitbongsnotgirls2.0)

I love my crystal dabbers!!! They are so beautiful and unique. Stoned Essentials created me a dabber in memory of my dog Cali, and it warms my heart every time I use it. I highly recommend, especially her custom work.

Kacey G. (Instagram-@Justmekc448)

All items that I purchased from Stoned Essentials are gorgeous and made extremely well! My peace sign necklace with rainbow quartz is absolutely beautiful and I love how unique my rainbow quartz dabber looks! Also, my mixed Agate bong jewelry is not only stunning, but they're a perfect accessory to add a touch of personalization to my pieces!